Projects and exhibitions

Treatise on Imaginary Explosions Vol. I

Work by Caitlin Berrigan ,
Jubilee Park and Community Center
917 Bank Street
Dallas, TX

Saturday 11 A-8 P

Sunday 12-4 P

Caitlin Berrigan works across performance, video, sculpture, text and public choreographies to engage with the intimate and embodied dimensions of power, politics and capitalism. The larger Treatise on Imaginary Explosions Vol. I project includes an experimental book that considers geological time alongside the deep time of trauma, as well as a film about affective geologies and the idea of becoming mineral. For NCFR, Berrigan created a series of signs spread throughout the neighborhood just southwest of Jubilee Park and Community Center. Formally in the vernacular of large real estate signs common around Dallas used to advertise for buildable empty lots, Berrigan’s bright neons, jagged hand-drawn forms and hand-written messages depart dramatically from the formula. Berrigan's work is  an overlay on the neighborhood, evoking futuristic images of existence alongside catastrophe

Treatise on Imaginary Explosions Vol. I