Projects and exhibitions

Visionary Sprawl

833 Exposition Avenue
Dallas, TX

Saturday 12-4 P reception 8-10 P

Sunday 12-4 P

The exhibition features Mary Ellen Carroll’s prototype 180,  a subtle intervention in a suburban Houston neighborhood, and Matthew Moore’s Rotations: Moore Estates, an alteration to a farm field on the outskirts of Phoenix anticipating its development into tract housing. It also features aerial images: the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s Texas City Landscan, depicting a landscape of the petrochemical industry near Houston, and photographer Michael Light’s photograph, an image of the unearthly construction sites of an unfinished Las Vegas gated community. Finally, the video Usonia by Urs Britschgi, Mike Hsu, Ashley Shafer, and Max Strang, translates Wright’s vision into a moving image—a delirious animated caricature of a city that recalls the futurist works of Cao Fei, on display at SMU’s Doolin Gallery as a part of NCFR. The exhibition also includes archival works from Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.

Visionary Sprawl