Projects and exhibitions

Adjustable Prop

Work by Jeff Williams ,
Jubilee Park and Community Center
917 Bank Street
Dallas, TX

Saturday 11 A-8 P

Sunday 12-4 P

Jeff Williams lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX, where he is an associate professor of sculpture at The University of Texas. In his work, Williams pushes materials to their limits, challenging our assumptions about them and emphasizing the inevitability of change. The artist notes his interest in "the material world's mutability, how things shift and swerve in how they are made, used and given value." His work for NCFR, Adjustable Prop is an awkward assemblage of objects, pressure fit between floor and ceiling. Each object within the vertical line is selected for its connection to the earth below, as elements extracted for manufacturing and in our waste stream as scrap material. Cast aluminum, a steel jack made from iron ore, acrylic tubes made from fossil fuel, the column of objects is bound by its surrounding architecture.

Adjustable Prop