Projects and exhibitions

Untitled - Lais Myrrha

Work by Lais Myrrha ,
Jubilee Park and Community Center
917 Bank Street
Dallas, TX

Saturday 11 A-8 P

Sunday 12-4 P

Lais Myrrha is a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo. Myrrha's work speaks to questions of urbanism, modernism and power in Brazil, paying particular attention to urban spaces, their materiality and the communities that use them. In this reactivated performance/installation piece from 2001, Myrrha will write the names and birthdates of each member of the surrounding neighborhood in a process of unearthing the specificity of the community. The artist will invite participants from the neighborhood to collaborate with her to collectively build an ephemeral trace of their community. By inscribing industrial materials with the subjectivity of each individual in the community and layering them together, the installation slowly becomes a footprint of social bonds and makeup of the space it inhabits.

Untitled - Lais Myrrha