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New Cartographies: Visualizing Emergent Urban Forms

Southern Methodist University - Owen Arts Center
6101 Bishop Blvd.
Dallas, TX
Hope Lobby 6101 Bishop Blvd

Saturday 12-4 P

Sunday 12-4 P

Received narratives about the cities of the Western Sun Belt have hampered public understanding of the region—its urbanism, history, and place in the global political landscape. New Cartographies: Visualizing Emergent Urban Forms, an exhibition curated by Sofia Bastidas, Jessie Zarazaga and Gavin Kroeber for the NCFR convening, pushes back against these narratives. The exhibition includes four thematic clusters:

Megaregions and Scale Shifts, in which the maps zoom out from the conventional city to regional and global views, highlighting processes of urbanization that extend beyond cityscapes.

Alternate Views, in which cartographers, rather than mapping roads and city limits, reveal spatial patterns of demographics, economics, hydrology and other relationships.

Radical Cartography, named after An Atlas of Radical Cartography, the source of some of these maps, includes visualizations that are radical both from a political and formal standpoint.

Visions of Dallas, in which maps of Dallas and, specifically, the Jubilee Park neighborhood where several art installations are on display during the NCFR weekend, help orient us in the political, economic, and ecological landscape of the metroplex.

New Cartographies: Visualizing Emergent Urban Forms