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Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (Wheatley's Place)

Work by lauren woods ,
Jubilee Park and Community Center
917 Bank Street
Dallas, TX

Saturday 11 A-8 P

Sunday 12-4 P

lauren woods is a conceptual artist whose hybrid media projects—film, video and sound installations, interventions and site-­specific work—engage history while contemplating the socio-­politics of the present. Challenging the objectivity of documentary/ethnography, the artist creates ethno-­fictive documents that investigate invisible dynamics in society, remixing memory and imagining other possibilities. Her installation for NCFR is an abstract video installation based on Wheatley Place, a historic neighborhood of Dallas and a planned African American community. It speaks to the ideals of the planned community as modernist utopia, in which social problems such as racism can be addressed through planning. The artist references the poems of the neighborhood’s namesake Phillis Wheatley – the first published African American poet – who was born in West Africa,  sold into slavery and eventually emancipated, as part of the work.

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (Wheatley's Place)