Participants/ Joshua Nason

Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington

Joshua M. Nason's work focuses on understanding and designing for complex urban morphologies, on rigorous, iterative design processes at scales ranging from the immense to the intimate, his goal is to explore the superimposition of design components, meaning, and the inevitable effects on the fabrics, people and cultures in which they exist. Some of his recent lectures and writing include “Draw In/Draw Out: Participatory Maps as Event Urbanism,” “Awkward Mapping,” “Drawing [on] Urban Complexity,” and “Anomalic Urbanism.” His recent built work focuses on individually scaled constructions he calls "Place Pavilions." Built as both maps and mapping devices, these interactive installations are aimed at investigating perception as a means of spatial understanding. Being fascinated by the complex future of cities and their dependence upon intimate experiences, Nason focuses his teaching on exploring urban interaction, vacillation, synchronicity and reciprocities within changing urban contexts. He teaches courses in design, urbanism, theory, analytic mapping and methods of idea communication.