Participants/ Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Director, La Pocha Nostra

Guillermo Gómez-Peña (US/Mexico) is a performance artist, writer, activist, radical pedagogue and director of the international performance troupe La Pocha Nostra. Born in Mexico City, he moved to the US in 1978. His performance work and 11 books have contributed to the debates on cultural & gender diversity, border culture and US/Mexico relations. His artwork has been presented at over nine hundred venues across the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia, South Africa and Australia. 

Balitrónica Gómez’, The Phantom Mariachi, is a symbolic inhabitant of past, present and future San Francisco. This bold persona appears as a walking censorship bar. She silently speaks of the devastating erasure of complex identities. The Phantom’s mission is to inspire people in San Francisco and other cities undergoing similar processes of extreme gentrification to respond with creative and critical commentary to their own local issues.