Participants/ Erina Duganne

Associate Professor of Art History, School of Art and Design, Texas State University

Erina Duganne is an associate professor of art history at Texas State University and a member of Borderland Collective. She is the author of The Self in Black and White: Race and Subjectivity in Postwar American Photography (2010) as well as a co-editor and an essayist for Beautiful Suffering: Photography and the Traffic in Pain (2007). She is currently working on two projects. The first is a monograph titled Visual Solidarities: Inter-American Art and Activism at the End of the Global Cold War. This project takes up the difficult question of what contribution art has made to social change through an examination of its function within inter-American solidarity raising activities that were initiated in the early 1980s as part of the ad hoc organization Artists Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America. Part of this research forms part of Northern Triangle, an exhibition that she co-organized as part of Borderland Collective in response to the recent Central American migration crisis along the U.S./Mexico border. The second project is an essay that uses the 1984 exhibition The Nicaragua Media Project to rethink postmodernism’s politics of representation in more global and affective terms.



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